Monday, November 21, 2022

18 "Wounded" in Gun Attack in Colorado but No One was "Wounded" at Sandy Hook

Another senseless gun attack occurred in America and this time it was in Colorado. This gun attack took the lives of five people and spared 18 people from death. At least 23 people receive some type of wound from the gun attack.

Surprisingly, not everybody that was hit by a bullet died. Unlike the Sandy Hook hoax where everybody who got hit by a bullet supposedly died.  Some of the people in Colorado were able to survive the gun attack.  During and after these gun attacks, it is time to reflect on the gun culture in America and also the fake news media losers in America.

When will America finally have enough of all the fake gun violence that is put on the TV like the Sandy Hook hoax? When will America finally realize that everything that they see on TV is lies, disinformation, and propaganda? We all remember the Sandy Hook hoax because the fake news media will not let us forget.  Every time another mass shooting happens, in America, we all must remember the Sandy Hook hoax first and then ask "is what I'm seeing on TV real or is this more fake news?"

It appears that the Colorado mass shooting is real because some people died and other people survived. Unlike the Sandy Hook hoax where everybody that was shot supposedly was killed. It is tragedies like the one in Colorado which also makes us remember many other tragedies where multiple people were shot but not everybody died. Remember the Las Vegas massacre? In that terrible mass shooting which was 100% real 600 people were shot and 60 died. That's about a 90% survival rate. And if you ask anybody that knows anything about guns and bullet wounds they will tell you that 90% of people who are shot by guns survive. So remember that, when you watch the fake news reporting on gun attacks. And also remember that there is no way that 100% of everybody that was shot at Sandy Hook died from a gun attack.  Actually no one died at Sandy Hook.

If you still think Sandy Hook really happened you haven't spent five minutes looking into the subject. Watch: "We need to talk about Sandy Hook"

Read about how 18 people were "wounded" and "five" People were killed by a "gun attack" in Colorado. Brietbart: At Least 5 Dead, 18 Wounded, in Gay Nightclub Attack in Colorado

Now Read about how no one was "wounded" and 26 people were "killed" by a crazed gunman using a weapon of war. 
Business Insider: Here are the names and pictures of the 27 victims, including 20 children, who were murdered that day.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Trump Wants a "Do-Over" Make America Do-Over Again (MADOA)

Donald Trump (pronounced "chtrump") announced on Tuesday November 15th 2022 that he wants a "do-over".  Donald Trump gave a speech in front of the few supporters that he has left and also some of his employees that were forced to work late. In his speech Donald Trump made more empty promises and spewed out more one liners and talking points. Trump's main emphasis is that he wants a "do-over" because during his first term as president of the United states he was too busy playing games with the media, playing golf, and stuffing his fat face full of steak and lobster.

Trump's new slogan is "Make America Do-Over Again" (MADOA).  Trump only had four years to do what he is most famous for and that is firing people. However trump didn't get around to firing anybody of significance.  When he did get around to fire a person of significance (Comey, FBI Director) he replaced him with someone worse.  So at best trump was a globalist stooge who didn't have a clue and was led around like a little doggie on a leash. And at worst trump is a mega maniacal super predator who bought himself a seat at the globalist inner circle and now wants to seal the deal as king of the world and become president once more so he can hammer a nail into the coffin of America.

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Monday, November 14, 2022

"Where's Nancy?" New Details Emerge about the Pelosi Freaks

Police reports from the highly credible and non political San Francisco police farce have confirmed new documents regarding the Pelosi and the hammer. David LePage is widely reported as to saying "where's Nancy".  Everybody knows David LePage is the sick weirdo freak who was caught playing hide the hammer in the Pelosi house with Nancy pelosi's husband, Paul. However until now nobody knew exactly why he was yelling "where's Nancy."

According to top officials on the case the reason David LePage was asking "where's Nancy" is because she usually gets the hammer first. David LePage was distraught and worried when Paul Pelosi let him into the house but no Nancy was insight. According to police reports David usually comes over with two hammers in order to put both of them in the buttholes of both Nancy and Paul however he became confused when only one Pelosi was in the house.

David LePage went on a rampage because he could not play the hammer game with both Pelosis. As everybody knows the pelosis are too sick freaks and also too corrupt and deranged idiot elites. Part of their lifestyle is to play weird games with homosexual drug addicts including the game, hide the hammer.

Local police, state police, and federal authorities have all confirmed the, hide the hammer game, which the Pelosis play with demented drug addicted homosexual freaks that they invite over however this story will continue to be covered up. The authorities and the media will continue to put out bogus report,s propaganda, and disinformation about the Pelosi freaks. There is nothing at this point that can embarrass the Pelosis. They are old and rich beyond imagination and powerful beyond that and this is just another fun freaky game they get to play. First they get caught playing hide the hammer and then they get to go on TV and try to explain on national international TV that what is obvious and apparent, is not actually happening.

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Driver Safety Post-Covid Vaccination

The rules of wearing a mask while driving | Alberton Record

Remember, don't ride with someone who has had the covid vaccination, because the life you save... could be your own.  According to recent scientific statistics you are 100% more likely to be in a car wreck if you are a rider in a car with a person who has received the COVID vaccine then if you drive yourself.  Many people who have had the COVID vaccine are experiencing SADS while driving.  scientific experts believe the reason so many people are experiencing SIDS from the COVID vaccine while driving is because driving does tend to elevate stress levels in some people.

In fact most car accidents, in this day and age, are caused from covid vaccinated individuals.  According to science from the international department of traffic studies people who took the COVID vaccine we're more likely to be in accidents pre-covid vaccination as well as after the covid vaccination.  Experts believe, from the data, that the people who we're more likely to be in car accidents before the COVID neck vaccine we're also people who were stupid. Most terrible drivers we're idiots and according to science most people that took the COVID vaccine were also idiots.

In addition, you are 100% more likely to get into a car accident with a person who has add the COVID vaccine as compared to people without the COVID vaccine.  So when you are out driving be aware of other individuals who may have had the vaccine. They can be identified as the morons wearing one or more masks in the car while driving with the windows rolled up. The most dangerous people in cars to avoid are cars in which all riders are wearing double masks and have the windows rolled up. Avoid these morons at all costs because the life you may save might be your own.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

COVID-19 death risk for Everyone is almost ZERO... remember who made you take the shot

 Storytelling: Stronger than Glue and Holds Everything Together ...

A study confirmed that the risk of dying from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is almost zero percent for the vast majority of people around the world.

According to the pre-print paper by Stanford University medical scientist Dr. John Ioannidis, COVID-19 mortality rates only range between zero percent and 0.57 percent among individuals younger than 70 years old worldwide. He looked at 36 studies plus an additional seven preliminary national estimates for his paper.

The Greek-born researcher broke down the mortality rates due to COVID-19 infection by age group:

  • Zero to 19 years old – 0.0003 percent
  • 20 to 29 years old – 0.003 percent
  • 30 to 39 years old – 0.011 percent
  • 40 to 49 years old – 0.035 percent
  • 50 to 59 years old – 0.129 percent
  • 60 to 69 years old – 0.501 percent

For more than two years, Ioannidis has asserted that the risk of the virus is very minimal – if not zero – and that public health protocols such as massive lockdowns, shutting down of businesses and schools, masking and vaccine mandates are really not needed. Together with the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, he has argued that the risk factor for most people is exponentially smaller than for the vulnerable, typically the elderly who already are afflicted with multiple serious illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease

“Ioannidis insisted these people could be cared for in nursing, assisted living and private homes with early treatments while the healthy are allowed to go about their business,” independent news company WND reported.

Dr. Paul Alexander, a former adviser to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), agreed with Ioannidis in a piece on his Substack. He wrote: “Ioannidis shows us what we have been arguing for two years, to strongly protect the elderly and leave the rest of non-elderly society alone, free. No lockdowns or school closures, no mandates [and] no vaccine.” Moreover, the erstwhile HHS advisor also compiled more than 400 studies reflecting how lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, school closures, masks and mask mandates failed to minimize virus transmission and lessen death rates.

In a separate piece for the Brownstone Institute, Alexander stated that “restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm, especially to the poor and vulnerable within societies.”

“We’ve known this for a very long time now, but governments continue to double down, causing misery upon people with ramifications that will likely take decades or more to repair.”

Experts proven correct: COVID-19 was never deadly to majority

Alexander pointed out that cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and other experts have been right all along that the infection fatality rate (IFR) for the vast majority is really low, as per the studies they looked into. Ioannidis wrote in his study’s abstract that the “IFR of the virus among non-elderly people in the absence of vaccination or prior infection is important to estimate accurately, since 94 percent of the global population is younger than 70 years and 86 percent is younger than 60 years.”

The Stanford researcher echoed the Texas cardiologist’s point, suggesting early interventions for certain vulnerable age groups.

McCullough has always made it clear that both Big Pharma and Big Government should be denounced for allowing gain-of-function research and the COVID-19 vaccines, with the latter causing “the biggest medical-biological catastrophe of all time.” (Related: Prather Point: COVID-19 vaccine is the biggest medical-biological catastrophe of all time, says Dr. Peter McCullough – Brighteon.TV.)

“We had lost 250,000 Americans directly due to the virus. And since the vaccines, 750,000 people have died. The vaccines have actually prolonged the pandemic, didn’t stop the virus transmission and didn’t reduce hospitalization and death. It was all a series of false claims for an unsafe set of products,” he told Brighteon.TV host Jeffrey Prather during the Sept. 23, 2022 episode of the latter’s program “Prather Point.”

McCullough added that the widespread corruption in academic medicine, peer-reviewed literature and medical societies has suppressed introduction to early intervention methods and promoted fear in order to push the clot shots worldwide.

Visit for more COVID-related news.


Monday, October 24, 2022

FRAUD FROM DAY ONE: Stunning new report notes that COVID vaccines NEVER prevented spread of the virus

 Everything You Need to Know About Vaccine Fraud | Washington Parent

Not only did the alternative media report early and correctly that the virus was likely the product of experimental research that leaked, accidentally or otherwise, from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, but we were also out front questioning the veracity of reports that claimed the vaccines were ‘highly effective’ at preventing the spread of the disease.

Turns out, we were right about that, too.

You may recall not long ago the left-wing hatred and insanity people throughout the Western world faced who did not want to take a vaccine. Deemed “anti-vaxxers,” many were shunned, canceled online, and fired from their jobs. They were made to feel worse than second-class citizens, and many were deprived of their basic legal and constitutional rights, all because they attempted to exercise some caution about a vaccine that was experimental and proven to be highly dangerous for millions of people.

But as it turns out, the skeptical ‘anti-vaxxers’ were justified in their refusal to take the jab, mostly because the claim being pushed by governments and the mainstream ‘scientific’ community that the vaccines prevented the spread of COVID-19 was a lie, according to a comprehensive investigative report published this week in Tablet Magazine:

Vaccine mandates were mainly rationalized through the belief that the higher the rate of vaccination, the less the virus would spread. For example, during oral arguments for Biden’s health care worker mandate, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Elena Kagan claimed that health care workers had to get vaccinated “so that you’re not transmitting the disease.” But recently, on Oct. 10, 2022, a Pfizer spokesperson told the European Parliament that the vaccines had never actually been tested for preventing transmission. While this was presented on social media as “breaking news,” the fact that the vaccines were not tested for this purpose has been documented extensively ever since Pfizer and Moderna received their original Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

On Dec. 10, 2020, in a Food and Drug Administration meeting where the first mRNA vaccines were authorized, an adviser to the agency, Dr. Patrick Moore, said: “Pfizer has presented no evidence in its data today that the vaccine has any effect on virus carriage or shedding, which is the fundamental basis for herd immunity.” Despite the information that was presented for individual efficacy, Moore added that “we really, as of right now, do not have any evidence that it will have an impact, social-wide, on the epidemic.”

Also, the FDA EUA press release from December 2020 confirms that there was no “evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-COV-2 from person to person.”

Put another way, most people were led to believe the vaccines prevented the spread of the virus because they were told that was the case by liars who wanted to mislead the masses so they could impose their will. This was also done, of course, with the help of the deep state’s allies in the ‘mainstream’ media and on the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, all of whom censored or took down content that questioned the ‘accepted official narratives’ on COVID.

“For anyone content with their vaccination status, this might not be a big deal. Yes, the vaccine information that was provided in 2021 wasn’t entirely accurate, but you might still feel that getting vaccinated was the right decision,” Tablet Magazine noted, before pointing out: “However, being misinformed about potential benefits and risks is an enormous deal for, say, a male college athlete who got vaccinated because he wanted to protect his elderly family members, but who then developed myocarditis.”

The COVID-19 pandemic, which led to crippling economic shutdowns and massive shifts in wealth, was a scam from start to finish. And we still have not felt all of the effects of the bad policy decisions, including keeping kids out of school for two years.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

CDC vote to add covid jabs to childhood immunization schedule is overt and pure corruption

 Would A Flu Patch Work for Kids? Researchers Aim To Develop Painless ...

When it comes to adding Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” to the official immunization schedule for children in the United States, Dr. Robert Malone has three words for it: this is corruption.

Malone wrote an op-ed this week blasting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is planning to add the gene-editing shots to the list of injections required for children in America to attend school.

“I am shocked by the malfeasance,” Malone says about the CDC’s plan of action. “I have no trust left at all in our public health. It is broken.” (Related: The CDC is being sued for refusing to share incriminating data about covid injections.)

In case you missed it, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously 15-0 this week to recommend that children get all “vaccines and boosters” for the Wuhan Flu. Some states require that children stay up-to-date on the CDC immunization schedule, which means covid jabs are about to become mandatory for millions of U.S. children.

“It is important to recognize that this is a work-around because Congress is not funding more jabs into arms,” Malone says. “If this product is put on the childhood schedule, Congress does not have a say in the funding.”

“Furthermore, if the emergency use authorization (EUA) vanishes, then the liability of the companies would continue under the childhood schedule. This is corruption.”

Tell the CDC: NO to covid injections on the immunization schedule

Malone believes that the ACIP is unlikely to “go there” since these are still unlicensed products. He says he does not know if an EUA injection can even be added to the schedule since it has never been done before.

Then again, there are a lot of things that have never been done before that quickly became the norm once the government and the media started blasting propaganda about a scary new “virus” that threatened to kill everyone.

It is highly likely that covid jabs will be added to the CDC’s immunization schedule for children, Malone says. Public school systems will then start mandating them under the pretext that the government has officially sanctioned them as a necessary injection for public health.

“This is all being done at the last minute and basically behind the backs of the public, as this received virtually no media attention prior to the vote,” Malone says. “I do not believe that this vote was announced to the public beforehand.”

“The CDC very recently opened up its scheduled vote for public comment and received thousands of negative comments.”

Anyone can comment against the addition of covid injections to the CDC schedule, by the way. We encourage you to do so at this link.

As usual, there is no actual science behind the addition of covid jabs to the CDC immunization schedule. The proposition is entirely based on regulatory capture, budgetary issues, and of course politics.

The adverse events caused by the jabs are too numerous to list for the purposes of this article, but they are many. Meanwhile, the risk of covid, especially in children, is zero.

Most other countries in the world have completely stopped jabbing children for Chinese Germs, and yet U.S. politicians and their puppet masters are forging full steam ahead with plans to force them on all human life both in and out of the womb.

“If they add these jabs to the childhood schedule, it will completely break the trust of the American family in the CDC, as it should,” Malone says.

The latest news about Fauci Flu shots can be found at


18 "Wounded" in Gun Attack in Colorado but No One was "Wounded" at Sandy Hook

Another senseless gun attack occurred in America and this time it was in Colorado. This gun attack took the lives of five people and spared ...